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Miley Cyrus – Free Radicals Cover

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Miley Cyrus released this cover of Free Radicals originally by The Flaming lips in a post on facebook celebrating her 50 Million likes on her facebook page



Miley Cyrus iHeartMusic festival Australian performance canceled

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The Hosts for the iHeartMusic festival in Australia announced on Thursday that the festival had been canceled, which is a shame for all the Smilers (Miley Cyrus fans) out there because Miley was meant to be a headlining performance in the festival.

The iHeartMusic festival was due to kick off in Sydney at Allphones Arena on the 18th of October with a seating capacity of more than 20,00 people, the IHeartRadio tickets only went on sales a week before the news of cancellation, and of course all fans are entitled to a full refund.

The organizers of the event, IHeatRadio and promoters Dainty Group commented on the unfortunate news by stating “Our objective for this first iHeartRadio Australia Music Festival was to create the very best experience possible for music lovers, and when this wasn’t possible, the difficult but the necessary decision was made to cancel.”

Then continued to elaborate on reasoning for cancelling the event by saying “This is as a consequence of the unavailability of another headline act, who was due to be announced this week.”

But to add a positive note to this whole situation, a spokesperson of iheartRadio mentioned holding an iHeartRadio festival in Australia is not ruled out altogether, and the event would be revisited at a later stage.


Miley Cyrus, Tits, weed, pills and a Psychedelic Alexander Wang at New York fashion week 2014

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Miley Cyrus at New York fashion week 2014 after party

Miley Cyrus Fashion week 2014

Last night Miley Cyrus made an appearance at the (unofficial) secret  New York fashion week 2014 after-party which was thrown by none other than Alexander Wang who is notorious for his wild parties 

Pret-a-Reporter wrote this (on the party)

Alexander Wang  took Fashion Week afterparties to a new level Saturday night: He hijacked a secret one.

The designer — who has been known for his over-the-top parties in the past, including a concert in a gas station, a frat party and a carnival — arrived at a party thrown by Club Shade, an underground dance party hosted by Ladyfag, in a Bushwick warehouse with about 30 friends in tow.

 All good Alexander Wang parties have performances, even secret ones it seems: RapperTyga, who attended the show along with Nicki Minaj and Miguel, took the stage for the audience, which included models Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, along with Ladyfag’s normal party crowd.

Enough about Alexander Wang and more about Miley Cyrus at fashion week

Yes I hear you, you want to know what kinda appearance did our girl Miley make at this New York fashion week party of all parties?

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WTF High School homecoming canceled because of Miley Cyrus?

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 homecoming canceled

homecoming dance canceled

So Mount Anthony Union High School’s homecoming dance is being canceled because of the Twerking epidemic brought to fame by our own OG Miley Cyrus.

Mount Anthony Union High School principal Sue Maguire wrote to the local paper to explain why the homecoming dance had been canceled.

principal Sue Maguire stated “Over the past couple of years, since Miley Cyrus took the stage twerking at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, our students’ dancing behavior has crossed the line of what we can condone as appropriate behavior at a school.”

“Twerking is dancing to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving a low squatting stance and thrusting movements, Students do not face one another or remain with the same person for the length of the song. If you haven’t seen twerking, I would encourage you to research this online.”

Here at Miley Cyrus.bz we also encourage you to do some twerking research, consider this homework ;).

I don’t know about you, but I think the only way to combat this is by a major booty shaking protest in an act of defiance, let the halls of Mount Anthony Union High shake from freedom tweaking, let our children be free from the sexual oppression of the MAN!, or woman in this case.

I guess it’s not a surprise that a principal is trying to stop her students from sexual dancing, but really this isn’t going to stop anything, people are going to twerk whether or not this dance happens, at least it would have been a night under the supervision of the teachers to keep them safe, I mean there was a time where they consider the dance “the twist” to be crude and sexually provocative.


Miley Cyrus won video of the year award at MTV’s VMAs

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MileyCyrus.bz Miley Cyrus won video of the year award

Miley Cyrus has done it, she has won the MTV’s VMAs Video Of The Year award for her amazing music video “Wrecking Ball“.(which can be seen here)

Miley cyrus  rose above and beat the other hard hitting video of the year nominees  that include:

Beyoncé ft. JAY Z  with  “Drunk In Love”

Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX with  “Fancy”

Pharrell Williams with  “Happy”

Sia with “Chandelier”

Cyrus will now be joining previous winners that include big  name stars like  Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Eminem, Madonna, Aerosmith, Neil Young  in the history books

Miley on the red carpet, before she won video of the year award

Wrecking ball was released on the 25th of august 2013 starting at number 50 on the U.S Billboard hot 100 soon crawled to number one on the  U.S Billboard hot 100 making it Mileys first number one single, and 9 weeks later Wrecking ball returned to number one making it largest gap between number-one sittings in Billboard Hot 100 history. also reaching Number one in Albania, Canada, Hungary, Israel, Lebanon, Mexico, Scotland, Spain, UK, while hitting very high in many other countries, as well as receiving 4× Platinum in Australia and the US, 3× Platinum in Sweden and canada and 8× Platinum in norway.

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Dominican Republic Bans Mileys Bangerz performance

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Dominican Republic Bans Miley

Has miley gone too far with her wild behavior?

Hell no, thats why we love her, but the folks from the Dominican Republic government commission that oversees public performances (bunch of prudes), think that she is too crude and are banning the Bangerz tour performance that was meant to bring miley to her fans in Santo Domingo city on the 13th of september.

Tickets have been on sale since july ranging from $27 to $370.

The Dominican Republic government commission commented on the decision because Cyrus often “undertakes acts that go against morals and customs, which are punishable by Dominican law.” *Cough* fascists *cough* no but seriously the people the Dominican Republic should be able to choose if they want to see miley in all her twerking glory or not, instead the government has forced their moral views on their citizens which apart from just keeping fans from having an unbelievable experience with miley, its just seems wrong on a freedom level.

According to the commission, miley “performs with unsuitable costumes,” and uses “language and images which encourage sex and violence.” and has accused her of “apology for crime, violence and denigrating acts before civilized culture, incitement for sex, lesbian sex, and use of inappropriate objects in public.” all I can say on this is WTF!?

Apart from everything else what dose  “use of inappropriate objects in public” even mean, I guess they don’t like miley riding a giant ass flying hot dog around stage.

Neither Miley or a representative have commented on the canceled show yet, nor has the Concert organizers in the Dominican republic.

The commission has done similar thing before by banning songs it disagrees with and claims are vulgar including some by Calle 13 of Puerto Rico.


Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour Coming to New Zealand

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Bangerz Tour New Zealand

It has been announced that Miley Cyrus Is going to be heading down to New Zealand , and she will be bringing the party with her, for one night only.

Bangerz Tour New Zealand

The once tame Hannah Montana Disney child-star will be arriving in Auckland at the Vector Arena on Wednesday the 8th of october, and she will flipping the hobbit holes upside down when she brings her eccentric hotdog riding, tongue sliding, booty twerking, almost psychedelic Bangerz tour performance to her kiwi fans.

The promoters “Dainty Group” are claiming that the Bangerz performance will be the  “most explosive show of the year”, and  it will be “A show that will blow your mind!! 

If you want to catch Mileys first visit to New Zealand You can buy tickets here at Ticketmaster with Pre-sale tickets available on Monday(25th/8) at 9am with general public tickets Starting the following thursday(28th) Prices are said to be $99.0 and $149.90

There will be (strictly limited) Official VIP packages available as well for the Bangerz Tour New Zealand, while the details of the VIP packages are not 100% provided yet, Dainty group links us to the australian VIP ticket packages page on their site, so I guess we can assume that they might be similar.

There are 3 VIP packages: Details below

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Miley Cyrus got a pig, and named it bubba sue?

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So it looks like Miley Cyrus has got a new pet,but wait, its a pig?
Yep, and guess what? it turns out that it is cute as hell.

Miley introduced the world to her new pet pig called bubba sue, on the 11th of august by sending a message from her twitter account
@MileyCyrus “newest member to the fam #bubbasue instagram.com/p/ri0JqrQzJZ/
And posting several pictures of her and bubba Sue on her instagram account 

bubba sue and miley


Miley posted the caption ” piggy on a PJ” on her insatgram photo (Displayed above), Which means this piggy is flying first class on Miley’s  private jet; and she is getting pampered along the way with this little piggys, “little piggys” being painted with red nail polish which you can see in another photo from Mileys instagram (displayed bellow).

bubba sue with red nails

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MileyCyrus.bz -Update

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Hey smilers,

Just letting everyone know what’s going on with MileyCyrus.bz

I am currently working on fixing the “about Miley” pages, I am pulling the content from old cached version of the site, so some of the content is going to need updating in the near future, but one step at a time, I’m also working on the broken twitter widgets on the site so hopefully they will be fixed.

Near future updates:

Hopefully these updates will be coming quite soon

  • website loading speed,
  • smartphone optimization, so you will have a better experience on smartphones
  • New social media integrated commenting system, so there is more of a fan presence in the site
  • share options for posts,

The Future of the site,

I want to bring the site closer with the Miley Cyrus fan community, because you guys are the only reason this site exists, I want to make this site exactly what you want it to be, I’m a new admin with complete control of what happens to this site, and because of the massive content loss that happened a while ago which sucks, I do have a complete clean slate to rebuild this site and make it the place Miley Cyrus fans can call home again, but the only problem is I don’t know what you guys want, I need feedback and a lot of it, I am going to be spending a lot of time trying to gather feedback from the Miley Cyrus fan community, so I know what you guys want.

As well as gathering feedback for ideas, I have been thinking about allowing some Miley Cyrus fans to become apart of the MileyCyrus.bz Team and write articles for the site, I’m not sure if anyone one would even be interested or how to find people who might be interested or even how to make sure we pick someone right for the job, but I thought it would be a good step in bringing the fans and MileyCyrus.bz closer while giving some fans a platform to be heard.

 I will try and keep everyone updated as much as I can with everything

Please contact me!!!

And tell me what you want from this site, tell me what could make MileyCyrus.bz better, let me know what what you think of the things mentioned in this post, let me know if you would be interested in becoming part of the MileyCyrus.bz team.

At the moment the MileyCyrus.bz emails have not been set back up including the contact us link at the top of the site, so there is no point in emailing us at this point in time ,But

You can contact me Via Twitter or Facebook I have enabled private messaging on the Mileycyrus.bz Facebook so it is now possible to message me through there.


Miley’s new tattoos

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Miley has posted photos of her two new tattoos on her Instagram account today, the first is a crescent moon on the inside of her inner left arm, which is also matching the tattoo that she gave tattoo artist “bang bang” on his thumb.

You can see in the photo below the matching crescent moon tattoo that Miley gave bang bang,

Miley's new tattoos crescent moon

Instagram photo of Mileys crescent moon tattoo, which had caption “random BFF tat @bangbangnyc”

Miley's new tattoos with Bang Bang

Posted to Mileys Instagram with caption”BFF tats with @bangbangnyc”

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